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Rose Supreme

Bonvalet Marpésia

Rose Supreme
Tasting card
Cherry & marshmallow aromas
Premier Cru
  • 75% Chardonnay
  • 10% Pinot noir
  • 15% of red wine
  • « coteaux-champenois »
24 months
The Charmer
Dazzling, modern and gourmet champagne. Perfect with sweet and savoury amuses bouche or with a fruit based dessert.


75% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot noir and 15% coteaux-champenois red

The Pinot Noir grapes come from Bisseuil (Côte des Noirs, premier
cru), Bragelone-Beauvoir (close to Les Riceys) and Saulcy. The
Chardonnay grapes belong to the parcel in Grauves (Côte des
Blancs, premier cru). The red wine « coteaux-champenois » are from
Ambonnay (grand cru).


Malolactic fermentation
Brut - 10 grams per litre


24 months


Colour rose petal, delicate and fresh with rapid and nimble bubbles.
Nose fruity and floral with strawberry and raspberry aromas. Second
nose is richer and deeper with cherries and peonies scents.
Palate rounded and mellow first impression. Harmony and delicacy are well-balanced with pleasant cherry aromas.
Delicate, generous and savoury champagne.
Perfect at any occasion or with seafood.
Beställ från Systembolaget

The Vines

The vineyard is composed of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir only. It is cultivated according to VDC and HVE norms. VDC stands for Viticulture Durable de Champagne meaning sustainable viticulture. HVE stands for Haute Valeur Environnementale meaning Environmental High Value.
Both labels require a respectful and ecological culture of the vines replacing chemical synthetic pesticides by natural ones. It also promotes biodiversity and the ecosystem of the vineyard. The tools and machines used in the vines are modern, kept to a minimum of interventions and chosen wisely in order to preserve the vine and the soil.

The Wines

The grapes are pressed in pneumatic presses. Unlike mechanical presses, the pneumatic presses are specifically designed to be very gentle and use soft pressure on the grapes as not to choc them. The yeasts used for the fermentations are completely natural. More precisely, they are indigenous yeast ( from the terroir) and are cautiously selected for their optimal fermentation capabilities. A malolactic fermentation is realised on all Champagne Bonvalet wines, giving them a more supple and rounder finish. The corks are entirely made of natural cork and are supplied from European countries (Spain an d Portugal).

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