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The story behind Champagne Bonvalet

Created in 2012 by young entrepreneur Guillaume Bonvalet, Champagne Bonvalet is a modern and dynamic brand. Joined by his wife, Pauline in 2017, they both work at developping the range and image of their champagnes, always seeking the best quality.

The Team

Guillaume is a dynamo. With a quick, visionary mind and a penchant for living in the fast lane, he seems to have already had many lives, yet he is only 33. A sunny personality and an insatiable curiosity have inspired him to explore the champagne vineyards and many other wine regions in France and further afield. A few years ago, true to his champagne roots, he wanted to be the ambassador of his own brand and to share a way of life based on authenticity, quality and excellence.

Pauline is a go-getter with a strategic and rational mind. As a keen and fast learner, she speaks several languages and benefits from a strong international background. She is not afraid of hard work and loves raising up to new challenges. Like so, in 2017, she quit her job and left her hometown in Belgium to join Guillaume in this ambitious family adventure. She gave the brand a modern identity and enhanced its visibility.

Do you wish to learn more about Bonvalet?

If you wish to learn more about Bonvalet you can listen to a recent interview with the founders on the podcast Champagne Podden below.

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The Savoir-Faire

The wines are created by Guillaume and an experienced wine cellar master who passionately believes in attention to quality. As a fine oenologist, he believes the soil and the alchemy it creates are crucial in the wine’s expression.
Setting themselves high standards, together they produce wines with a strong identity yet a touch of audacity and soft originality.
They are driven by their desire to return champagne to its origins as a wine first and foremost. They wish their wines to trigger the sensual experience shared by all wine lovers without needing to be experts.

The Future

Champagne Bonvalet is growing. In 2020, the company will be moving into a brand new building. It will be better equiped with a bigger cellar and an oak barrels room. It has been completely thought out to match Champagne Bonvalet’s identity. Modern and bright, it will offer the clients a breathtaking view on the vineyards from the two topfloor terraces. The visits and tastings will be unique in terms of experience allowing clients to participate to workshops such as wine tasting and food pairing.

The Distribution

Champagne Bonvalet can already be found in fine dining restaurants and wine merchants. It has developed partnerships with famous upmarket brands along the years. Champagne Bonvalet’s distribution’s network and partnerships reflect the conviviality of the brand yet its high end image and quality. The champagnes are available in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark.

Bonport AB, the Swedish distributor

The company BonPort AB is a Swedish company, founded in 2019 by Thomas Petrén. Thomas is a sommelier and also educated at the French Wine Scholar. BonPort AB is the distributor for champagne Bonvalet in Sweden.